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The Angus Journal Daily, formerly the Angus e-List, is a compilation of Angus industry news; information about hot topics in the beef industry; and updates about upcoming shows, sales and events. Click here to subscribe.

News Update

April 27, 2015

CattleFax: High Quality Pays

When merchandising fed cattle, it pays to target higher quality grades.

Kevin Good of CattleFax says there’s a profit incentive to produce more Choice and Prime-grading cattle — in fact, more cattle are meeting those levels than ever before.

According to CattleFax, the industry has evolved during the last few decades to an increasing number of cattle hitting high marks for quality. For example, in the year 2014 the Choice-Select spread was $8, based on wholesale figures, and the Certified Angus Beef® brand (CAB®) was on average $8 premium to Choice, Good said.

“That's some huge price incentives for producers to change their behavior, and they've changed their behavior through genetics – better genetics to have cattle that are more predictable; cattle that will grade Choice and Prime a higher percentage of the time,” Good said.

Watch the full interview on The Angus Report online or tune to RFD-TV at 5 p.m. CDT Wednesday or 1:30 p.m. CDT Saturday.

NJAA Ambassador Program

Funded by the Angus Foundation, the NJAA Ambassador program is an educational and learning experience designed to recognize one outstanding junior Angus member who will support the production of the Angus breed and the consumption of Angus beef on a national and international level.

The selected person will represent the NJAA at major beef industry conferences and events across the United States for one year.

American Angus Association members, ages 17-20, of good standing who own purebred cattle are eligible to apply. A cover letter, résumé and essay questions are due June 1 to the Junior Activities Department, 3201 Frederick Ave., Saint Joseph, MO 64506.

For more information and the essay questions, contact the Events and Education Department at 816-383-5100.

Five Nations Beef Alliance Urges
Negotiators to Secure TPP Deal

Representatives from the Five Nations Beef Alliance (FNBA) are in Maryland this week pressing the need for substantial trade liberalization via the proposed Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement. With the TPP negotiations seeming to be approaching the ‘end game,’ discussions over the next few days will be critical given the negotiators are aiming to narrow the outstanding issues prior to a hoped for TPP Ministerial meeting in May.

FNBA members are urging TPP negotiating teams to hold firm and deliver an agreement that will make it easier to do business, establish fair trade rules and reduce costs. Beef producers are particularly adamant that any TPP outcome must provide new and substantial market access opportunities.

For more information, access the complete article online.

Obama Administration Asked to Remove Organic Leadership at USDA

The nation’s preeminent organic industry watchdog, The Cornucopia Institute, sent a letter April 24 to the White House and to USDA Secretary Vilsack, requesting a change in leadership at the regulator’s National Organic Program (NOP).

Previous administrations faced plenty of criticism from organic advocates. However, during the Clinton and Bush years, USDA officials were universally viewed as respecting the purview of the National Organic Standards Board (NOSB). This 15-member, multi-stakeholder body was established by Congress to review all synthetic/non-organic ingredients and materials used in organic farming and food production. Congress also mandated that the USDA Secretary seek the counsel of the NOSB on all aspects of implementing the Organic Foods Production Act (OFPA).

Read more about the Sunset procedure and Cornucopia Institute online.

Rickenbacker International Airport Now Exporting Livestock

Livestock owners and exporters in Ohio and surrounding states have a convenient new option to consider when transporting animals overseas. The Rickenbacker International Airport has now been designated by the USDA as an approved port for the embarkation of animals. The airport’s first flight of livestock took place on March 23 in partnership with TLT Silver Tiger Logistics.

“Very few airports in the United States are designated for live animal export services and this is a tremendous opportunity for us to develop new business partnerships,” said Bryan Schreiber, Manager, Business Development — Air Cargo for Columbus Regional Airport Authority. “TLT chose Rickenbacker for this service based on our proven ability to safely and efficiently import and export international cargo on regularly scheduled freighter service, as well as charters. We look forward to becoming an integral part of the livestock supply chain, offering high-quality service in a safe, humane environment.”

Located within a one-day drive of nearly 50% of the United States and 30% of Canada’s populations, Rickenbacker’s location is ideal for transporting freight that needs to be moved promptly to and from the eastern United States.

For more information, please view the full article.


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